AKSIS Inset: Making An Impact In Scientific Enquiry


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Anne Goldsworthy
Published 2002 | The Association for Science Education | 100pages

Provides a model for management of CPD in scientific investigation and enquiry, relevant to any curriculum for pupils aged 7 to 11.


Originally a series of publications, developed by the AKSIS Project (ASE Kings Science Investigations in Schools) for pupils age 8 to 14.

This prestigious cross-phase collaboration between teachers, ASE, and researchers at Kings College London is influencing ongoing developments in the National Curriculum and National Strategies. Teachers are enthusiastic about the impact of the ideas and activities in these books for their professional development and tutors also find them very useful for initial education courses.

The strategy is to analyse samples of pupil work in detail, identify strengths and weaknesses, tailor a CPD course, deliver the CPD in school introducing appropriate AKSIS material and other resources, and analyse subsequent samples of pupil work.

The pack provides examples of pupils’ work in scientific investigations with a commentary about the work and an indication of National Curriculum levels.

Scientific Enquiry