Beneath Strange Stars


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Published 2019 | TL;DR Press | 400pages

Explore strange worlds, timelines, and fantastical beings with this collection of 35 short stories and poems.

Explore strange worlds, timelines, and fantastical beings with this collection of 35 short stories and poems. All proceeds are donated to the Association for Science Education.

Stories include: Petrichor by Hannah Hulbert, Hell with Friends by Emily Deibler, Carry On by Shelby Van Pelt, Dark Constellations beneath Electron Microscope by Carla Durbach, Another Heart by Bryan Arneson, We Feel Autumn in our Bones by Joe Butler, Nothing Lasts by David Estringel, As Long as You Remember by Marla Cantrell, Do We Build a House to Stand Forever? by Katie Conrad, Boxes by Lauren Barker, Particular Poisons by Fiona West, Sounding Light by John C. Mannone, A Different Kind of Death by A.K. Alliss, The Space Traveler’s Tense by Benjamin S. Grossberg, The Space Traveler’s Husband by Benjamin S. Grossberg, Kankydip & the Kcheevitz by Taylor Cook, Star Tipping by Jonathan Coolidge, Haven by Victoria Kochan, Gliese 581g by John C. Mannone, Summer’s End by Alexis Ames, Kaitlin’s Unicorn by L.L. Asher, Perennial by Laura Duerr, Blind Charity by Lyle Enright, The Einsteiners by J. Askew, Callia by Justin M. Siebert, A Unicorn in the Time of Dinosaurs by L.C. Street, Freedom in Briers by Rachel Hailey, Good Riddance by Jennifer Worrell, Four Horsemen of London by L.H. Westerlund, Meat Me in the Living Room by Michelle Enelen, Uncompromised by Ike Iblis, A Deal is a Deal is a Deal by Beth Anderson, Legato by Brian A. Salmons, Les Korrigan by JBMulligan, and Reincarnation by Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert

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