Chris Clayton’s Amazing Galactic Adventures: An Introduction to Astronomy for Young People


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John Baruch
Other authors: 
Andrew Livingston
Published 2015 | Millgate House Publishers | 112pages

A humorous yet factual comic-style book that will whizz you round our universe and introduce you to our famous astronomers.


A little inspiration is a powerful thing and Chris Clayton's Amazing Galactic Adventures is bound to capture the imagination of a whole new generation' - Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE.

Chris Clayton is just an ordinary boy living an ordinary life until he meets Bob, the friendly alien. Suddenly life becomes a lot more interesting when Bob fires up his space ship and takes Chris and his best friend Rita on a time-travelling, mind-boggling, fact-finding tour of the Universe. From dodging asteroid belts to getting sunburn on the Moon, it's a truly amazing galactic adventure!

Join Chris Clayton to learn about:

  • The planets in our solar system
  • The scientists who developed our understanding of the universe Blackholes, White Dwarfs and Super Novas
  • The world outside our solar system including the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy
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