Financial Skills Concept Cartoons CD-ROM


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Ann Jones
Other authors: 
David Evans
Published 2015 | Millgate House Publishers |

A broad selection of Concept Cartoons for teaching financial literacy.


This resource supports teaching financial skills in primary and secondary schools. It is also suitable for teaching adults financial skills. The Teaching Financial Skills Concept Cartoons explore many aspects of financial education. It includes budgets and wages. Each Concept Cartoon covers a vital area of the maths or PSHE curriculum.

Concept Cartoons are simple images of a group of characters talking. All the characters opinions are valid and often characters have common misconceptions. A blank speech bubble for learners allows to add their own opinions on the topic. Teaching Financial Skills Concept Cartoons can be used to start a group discussion or enquiry. Concept Cartoons can also be linked together to create a project teaching financial literacy.