Guide To Identifying Common Fungi


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Lyn Merrick
Laminated Guide
Published 2005 | Gatekeeper Educational Ltd |

Gatekeeper identification guide for Common Fungi with easy to follow key questions and clear illustrations.


This series of guides provides a wildlife reference for schools and is suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3; Scottish 5–14 Level C–E. The guides are A3 laminated and folded identification keys. The guides enable identification using easy to follow key questions with clear illustrations that are attractive to study.

Fungi are sorted by their shape. Illustrations of each species show: fungus, detail of structure and habitat.

Side 1: fungi with caps and stems; caps with either: gills, pores or teeth
Side 2: fungi without caps and stems. Fungi shaped as: shelf-shaped, branched, blob-shape, cup-shaped, ball-shaped, club-shaped

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