Inspiring Science In The Early Years: Exploring Good Practice


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Di Stead
Other authors: 
Lois Kelly
Published 2014 | Open University Press | 168pages

This book explores the science inherent in good early years practice and provides a rich range of ideas to inspire you to ‘have a go’ in your setting. It provides a balance between theory which underpins good practice and plenty of ideas of how you might put the theory into practice.


With a focus on how children learn about the world they live in and activities intended to develop scientific understanding the book offers an holistic approach, with key topics including:

  • How children construct scientific meaning
  • Tuning into children's initial scientific understanding
  • How play supports the development of children's science ideas
  • Providing a rich environment for learning early years science
  • Developing children's scientific experiences

This handy guide is ideal to support you if you are studying on an early years course, or if you are an established early years professional who wishes to enrich early scientific learning in your setting.

About the Authors

Lois Kelly and Di Stead are Education Consultants specializing in primary science.

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