The Language Of Measurement


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Richard Boohan
Other authors: 
Peter Campbell
Published 2010 | The Association for Science Education | 36pages

Designed to help teachers become confident about the special terminology associated with practical investigations, when it should be used, and what specific terms mean.


The aim of this booklet is to enable teachers, publishers, awarding bodies and others to achieve a common understanding of important terms that arise from practical work in secondary science, consistent with the terminology used by professional scientists.

The booklet is in three parts:

  • an introduction giving a rationale for the approach taken
  • a glossary of key terms
  • investigations illustrating the use of the terms in context.

The investigations include examples from school biology, chemistry and physics. The Language of Measurement is also applicable to evaluating aspects of scientific claims made in the public domain.

A joint project of the Nuffield Foundation and Association for Science Education.

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