Let's Talk About Data


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Jo Moules
Other authors: 
Stuart Naylor
Published 2016 | Millgate House Publishers | 100pages

A wealth of activities for teaching data handling skills in science in primary and secondary schools.


This publication supports the teaching and learning of data handling skills in science. It is written at a level suitable for students in secondary schools and the later years of primary schools. It provides a starting point for developing the key skills students need to make sense of data generated during experiments and other science enquiries. It includes activities for students and background information for teachers.

This book has the following sections:

  • Planning measurements to get the most useful results.
  • Recording and processing measurements using tables.
  • Analysing and displaying data using suitable graphs.
  • Drawing Conclusions from analysing data and graphs.

The principles of good formative assessment are embedded in every section. Each area is approached through an active assessment strategy that informs teachers of the levels of skill and understanding their students have, and then leads on to suitable follow up activities. This book and CD pack form our complete guide to teaching data. The CD-ROM includes all of the printable resources required for the activities in the book.

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