Preparation Of Gases: School and College Laboratory Technicians' Guide


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ASE Science Laboratory Technicians Committee
Published 2004 | The Association for Science Education | 40pages

A set of procedures useful to experienced technicians to remind them of good practice, and for new technicians as a means of increasing their experience and expertise.


Build your own handbook of operating procedures with these ready punched loose-leaf packs - see also Preparing Solutions and Working with Glass.

The guide provides a set of procedures for the preparation of gases. Useful information relevant to you and your workplace can be added.

Shrink-wrapped and ready punched packs that you can place in your own A4 ring binder.

1 – Introduction
2 – Techniques for Preparing Various Gases:

  • Preparation of ammonia (method 1)
  • Preparation of ammonia (method 2)
  • Preparation of carbon dioxide
  • Preparation of chlorine (method 1)
  • Preparation of chlorine (method 2)
  • Preparation of hydrogen
  • Preparation of hydrogen chloride
  • Preparation of hydrogen sulphide
  • Preparation of nitrogen dioxide
  • Preparation of oxygen (method 1)
  • Preparation of oxygen (method 2)
  • Preparation of sulphur dioxide
  • Procedure template