Teaching Secondary Physics 2nd Edition


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David Sang
Published 2011 | Hodder Education | 288pages

Essential reading for the specialist and non specialist alike who want to keep at the forefront of their subject.


This new edition of the ASE Science Practice series comprises Teaching Secondary Biology, Teaching Secondary Chemistry and Teaching Secondary Physics and is an invaluable resource for newly-qualified teachers, experienced teachers looking to extend the range of strategies and approaches they use, or non-specialists looking for support.

The chapters include:

  • an outline teaching sequence showing how concepts can be developed throughout the 11–16 phase
  • an indication of the topics students may have covered in their primary science lessons
  • activities to cover the basic curriculum
  • information about likely student misconceptions
  • helpful information about practical work and apparatus
  • opportunities for investigative work and other aspects of ‘how science works’
  • enhancement ideas that relate science to everyday contexts
  • extension material

Topics in Teaching Secondary Physics
Energy by Robin Millar
Sound, Light and Waves by Carol Tear
Forces by Bob Kibble Chapter 4 Electricity and magnetism by Robert Strawson Chapter 5 Earth in space by Jonathan Osborne
Radioactivity by David Sang

The series has been written by a team of authors who between them have a wide range of experience in teaching science, supporting and developing science teaching and undertaking research into teaching and learning in science topics.

A partnership publication from the Association for Science Education and Hodder Education.

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