Working With Glass: School and College Laboratory Technicians' Guide


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ASE Science Laboratory Technicians Committee
Published 2004 | The Association for Science Education | 40pages

Packed with amazing 3D style illustrations and explanatory diagrams that jump off the page as well as amazing tales of scientific discoveries and what's in store for the future, Gill truly brings science to life.


Build your own handbook of operating procedures with these ready punched loose-leaf packs - see also Preparing Solutions and Preparation of Gases.

The guide provides a set of procedures for those working with laboratory glass.

Shrink-wrapped and ready punched packs that you can place in your own A4 ring binder.

1 – Introduction
2 – What is Glass (composition and structure)
3 – Logistics (buying, storing, cleaning, disposing, control and remedial measures)
4 – Some Basic Procedures
• Cutting and flame-polishing glass rod and tubing
• Making a teat pipette
• Making a Pasteur pipette
• Bending glass tubing or rod
• Making stirrers
• ‘Drilling’ a hole in a rubber bung
• Inserting glass tubing (or a thermometer) through a rubber bung
• Blowing a hole in a test tube
• Inserting wire into glass tubing
• Repairing chipped glassware
• Procedure template
5 – Projects
• Making a delivery tube
• Gas preparation equipment

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