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ASE Summer Celebration Conference 2013 - Celebrating 50 year of ASE

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Dates: 27 - 28 June 2013

Venue: De Havilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire.

An ASE conference - but in the Summer!

ASE’s Summer Celebration Conference is part of ASE’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. As our Annual Conference is usually in January, this is an experiment with a new conference format that we hope will engage with science educators in different ways. This year, we are uniting our smaller conferences all under one roof, these include primary, research, science tutors (ATSE) and science advisors (NAIGS).

Conference Strands

Pushing the boundaries - Science education policy - Practical science - Primary focus - Hands-on exhibition - Science teacher education and support + ASE Research Conference


  • Professor Lord Martin Rees of Ludlow & Professor Robin Millar debate the 80:20 divide
  • Brenda Keogh & Stuart Naylor challenge perceptions of school science
  • Simon Mayo, BBC radio presenter and author of children’s books ITCH (the element hunting, accidental hero) and ITCH ROCKS, talks about how scientific ideas and facts can be woven into exciting fiction for young audiences. 


Discussion Events

  • What would you do if you were Secretary of State for Education?
  • Is it possible to deliver science education for all and science for future scientists in the secondary curriculum?
  • Do Schools kill creativity?
  • Let's get maths in science sorted.

Special Events

  • New curriculum, accountability, school structures, qualifications, advice and support for new changes
  • Celebrate the best of Primary Science with workshops, awards and advice from AZSTT

Practical Events

  • Get outdoors with a wildlife trail, the #asechat tweet-up picnic and some outdoor citizen science
  • Collect advice and get hands-on (minds-on) in the exhibition

ASE’s Summer Celebration Conference Gold Partners 

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