ASE (NI) Conference - Science Education 2024 Theory to Practice

07 June 2024
09:00 - 16:00

A unique opportunity for teachers and technicians to attend a range of workshops and network with professionals from across the region.

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11-19 Teachers
Early Career Teachers
Northern Ireland
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About the event

Join us in W5 on June 7th for an enriching experience tailored for Primary Science teachers, Post primary teachers and technicians.


Event Highlights:

  • Networking: Connect with fellow educators passionate about science education.
  • Workshops: Choose from a diverse range of workshops catering to various interests and teaching styles.
  • Exhibitors: Explore STEM-related exhibitors offering innovative resources and tools.


Keynote Address: What happens in vagus stays in vagus. - Catherine Wells, Evolve Occupational Therapy

Catherine will provide accessible, evidence-based strategies to support wellbeing and allow us to thrive, rather than just survive.


Post Primary Programme


Promoting the NI Curriculum in CCEA GCSE Science Qualifications from a Skills Development Perspective – Elaine Lennox – CCEA

To reflect on the how our current Key Stage 4 Science qualifications enable development of skills; and consider how a specification revision would provide an opportunity to promote the NI Curriculum to enhance skills development and assessment to create a better culture of independent and lifelong learning.

An update on the findings from a consultation on the development of inspection. - John Murray – Senior Science Inspector (ETI).

The session will provide an overview and discussion of the proposed inspection models in relation to STEM.


Effective Networking for School Improvement; in challenging times. The DCU/ASE shaped network and looking forwards. - Paddy Shevlin (Ex ETI and ASE Regional President)

This will involve Heads of Science sharing effective strategies on how they have improved attainment in their Schools.


Rosenshine’s Principles in the Science Classroom. - Maeve Carey, Head of Chemistry, Abbey Christian Brothers School, Newry

After a very popular presentation in our 2022 online conference, Maeve has agreed to present again and share her pedagogical understanding. This session aims to give attendees some tools to enhance their practice in way that results in a high impact for students and a low work load for teachers


Cathy McNamee – Head of Science, Sacred Heart Omagh. Engagement and Active Learning at KS3


Big Impact in Little Chemistry - Dr Rebecca Laye – Royal Society of Chemistry

This is a hands on introduction to microscale chemistry. Gain experience of microscale chemistry with a carousel of experiments including titration, gas diffusion, indicators, and others.


Dr Liam O’Hare, QUB, SMART Spaces: A theory, practice and research journey

SMART Spaces is GCSE Chemistry revision programme based on spaced learning principles. That is, that gaps between learning improve retention of information rather than learning content all at the same time. The principles can be used across all specialisms


Using AI to help improve a work-life balance. – Huw Thompson, Strangford College.

The session will look at AI in the Classroom and the developments that have led to the AI services that are currently available. The session will explore some of those services, and will look at tips to spot students, who are using AI.


Retrieval Practice in Science - Annmarie Doherty, Head of Chemistry, St Dominic’s Grammar School

Using retrieval practice in Science as a learning strategy that involves deliberately recalling facts or concepts from memory to enhance learning. Concrete examples from all Sciences will be demonstrated and how this has proved successful when preparing for module examinations.

NEW WORKSHOP ! The Science of Magic- The Magic of Science. - Paul Nugent, IoP Ireland.

Come along to this workshop and learn how to perform a selection of magic "tricks" which are in fact demonstrations of hidden science.

Primary Programme:

Our place in Space - Beverley McCormick (Ulster University) and Dr Anna Monaghan (Deliberate learning).

A fun and interactive hands-on workshop which will empower teachers to successfully plan and teach the topic of Space like never before!


The Science of the Honeybee – Hayley Sherrard - SERC

This practical workshop will provide an opportunity to explore the lifecycle of the honeybee and find out more about this fascinating and important social insect. We will take a closer look at honeybee anatomy, explore life inside a hive and take away ideas for teaching - including ideas for increasing biodiversity and improving habitats for pollinators.


ChemEd Foundations: A Royal Society of Chemistry Workshop for Primary Educators – Johanne Brolly – RSC

Enjoy a quick-stop tour of the RSC’s “Steps into Science” website that is dedicated to supporting primary science, learn how to make a battery from household supplies and take home a lava lamp that you can impress your pupils with, once back in the classroom.


Our Wee Planet and the Size of the Universe - Dr Kerem Osman Çubuk – Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

The session is an interactive talk about the chronology of our understanding o the size of the universe. The presenter will take the audience on a journey from ancient times to upcoming space missions. There will be a Q&A session at the end for any space-related questions.


Science and SEND - Breaking the learning down- a Thinking Frames Approach - Kulvinder Johal – Primary Science Teacher Trust

What are thinking frames? How can they support my SEND learners, all my learners? We will discuss the purpose of thinking frames as a tool for guiding and supporting your SEND Pupils though their science learning. We will learn how they can benefit all of our class by breaking down the key learning for teachers and pupils. You will create and use your own thinking frame.


Playful Science: Foundation Stage Fun! Liz Branniff and St Teresa’s Primary School, Belfast.

A range of lessons and ideas to develop science in Foundation Stage will be presented. I will signpost the audience to resources that are used and enjoyed by young children and develop ideas for learning in a practical and fun way. I will give the audience ideas about developing children’s thinking and give examples of my classroom practice in an early year’s classroom


Teaching STEM Through ICT in Primary Schools, Matthew Mairs, Antrim Primary School /Deliberate learning.

This session will give you the opportunity to explore a range of activities and resources in delivering STEM based learning through ICT in the Primary classroom. Participants will explore Minecraft Education and the variety of CCEA and other organisational units of work. Different platforms for teaching coding will be discussed, exploring a variety of hardware to assist in the delivery of coding throughout the Key Stages.


Using Digital Video to Develop the teaching of STEM in the Primary School. Dr John McCullagh Dr Irene Bell, Stranmillis University College, Ms Hazel Richie (Linn PS) and Anne McDaid (St Patrick's PS Glenariff PS)

This presentation explores how digital video can be used to firstly develop individual teachers’ classroom practice and then create resources to support colleagues across the whole school. The session will include case studies provided by teachers enrolled in the Postgraduate Certificate in STEM Education at Stranmillis University College Belfast.


Technician Programme

· Paul Cook, Multi award winning Senior Lead Technician at ARK Burlington Danes Academy in West London. He will be running two workshops for us.

Making homemade speakers. An opportunity to make and take two versions of homemade speaker, with other demonstrations of speakers that could be used for open evening or Science clubs.

Current Affairs - This session is aimed at Non-Physics Specialists

Covering Series and Parallel circuits and how to use multimeters, which include tips for technician day to day circuitry tasks.



Managing Safety in Practical Science, Steve Jones, Director CLEAPSS

CLEAPSS is a not-for-profit organisation that provides advice on practical activities in Science, Design and Technology and Art in schools in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.


Tech time to talk – ASE NI Technician Committee

Join with the ASE Technician Committee Members to Tech Time to Talk, an open space to have a chat, pick someone's brain about an issue you are having, or just come along to reconnect with technicians you have not seen for a while.


Problematic Practicals – ASE NI Technician Committee

Got a problematic practical, one that you cannot seem to get to work? one you have never done before and would love to try. Come along and chat to the Tech team and we will try to help. Do email in advance if you have a particular one you would like for us to demonstrate and we will see what we can do..