IET EngFest

02 April 2019
09:00 - 20:00
IET London: Savoy Place
2 Savoy Place , London WC2R 0BL , United Kingdom

EngFest is taking place 2nd April 2019 at IET London: Savoy Place and it is a free to attend event for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5! 

Event Type: 
11-19 Teachers

This event is now open for registration to the ballot until 21st December, please be advised it is via application from school groups only.

This event aims to inspire, inform and influence future generations. The key stage 5 audience can attend FAST FORWARD an event hosted by Rob Bell and includes a full programme of TED style talks from ground-breaking engineers and individuals with exciting technology to discuss, it also includes an interactive discussion session which asks ‘how do you get into engineering?’

They will also be cahnces to get access to the Technology Showcase – an exhibition where they can get hands-on with new and innovative tech!

Key stage 3 and 4 children can attend EngVentures – broken down into yet more exciting talks and time in the technology showcase but also includes several workshops that offer a wide selection of activities all designed to showcase just some of the incredible projects and technologies engineers are involved in.

IET London: Savoy Place