International Science Teachers and Trainees in the UK Network

30 September 2024 - 02 June 2025
18:00 - 19:00

We welcome teachers and trainees who are new to the UK Education system to this network to support you in your journey

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11-19 Teachers
Early Career Teachers
NQT ( Newly Qualified Teacher)
Senior Phase
Student Teacher

ASE recognises the vital role that our international colleagues who are teaching in the UK are playing in the education system.  With active recruitment from abroad to address teacher shortages, your role in shaping the next generation of scientists is invaluable. However, we recognise that the transition to the British education systems may feel daunting, with limited support and resources available to ease the process.

ASE, as a professional community, is committed to supporting you and your colleagues as you grapple with cultural, pedagogic, curriculum differences and more.   As an internationally trained science educator teaching or training to teach in the UK, you've embarked on a journey that presents both exciting opportunities and unique challenges.

We have launched this new monthly networking opportunity as a friendly space with friendly faces - this is a place for you to ask questions, listen to others and learn together.   This is a network for you to shape and grow.

Please note that this network is free for ASE Members (£20 per session for non-Members).  You can find out more about ASE Membership here.  These networking sessions are intended to support teachers working in UK schools settings and trainees who are in the UK training to teach in the UK.  If you are not yet enrolled on training in the UK or have not yet secured a teaching role at a UK school, this is not network is not aimed at you.  We will not be discussing routes to joining us in the UK system.

Each month there will be a theme to support the discussions but you are welcome to come with your own items to discuss.

The theme for September is 'Building our Community' - this is the first meeting of this supportive network on Monday 30th September at 6pm.  We look forward to seeing you.  You are very welcome.

The theme for October is 'The UK Education System' - this meeting will follow our supporting webinar which will be delivered by AQA - the network event will be on Monday 21st October at 6pm

In November the theme will be 'Classroom Management and Behaviour' with a networking session held on Monday 11th November at 6pm

December's theme will be 'Curriculum planning and adaptation' and will be held on Monday 2nd December at 6pm

January's theme will be 'Revision, assessment and evaluation techniques' with a networking opportunity taking place on Monday 20th January at 6pm

In February the theme will be 'Integrating Technology into Science Education' and will take place on Monday 24th February at 6pm

In March ,we will focus on SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) on Monday 17th March at 6pm

In April, we will take a closer look at practical work on Monday 28th April at 6pm

In May, we will take a break due to the exam season.

In June, we will have our last networking opportunity of the academic year and will look ahead to planning for the next academic year

We look forward to welcoming you to as many sessions as you are able to attend.

If you have any questions about our International Network please contact