Online CPD - ASE Technicians Leadership Programme: Organising your technical service

08 July 2020
09:00 - 15:00

This one-day online course, delivered by Simon Quinnell, forms part of the ASE technicians leadership programme and will explore ways to improve the organisation of your technical service, the prep rooms and other ancillary storage. 

Event Type: 
Online event

Course Description

An organised, effective and well-run technicians service can really make a difference in terms of the service you provide others. A well run technical service can provide more consistent and timely resources for students and teachers in your school. The course content will explore how to improve technical service systems such as requisitions, stock checks, lab checks, health and safety documents. We will also look at ways to organise the prep room and possible changes that could be made and evaluate the responsibilities and roles of the senior technician when it comes to health and safety. As the final day of the programme this day will also look at next steps in your technical leadership journey.

You will be able to

  • describe best practice in the use of management and organisational systems and procedures and reflect on your own practice
  • evaluate the role of the senior technicians when it comes to health and safety
  • explore ways to improve your prep room and other ancillary areas
  • describe your next steps in technical leadership

Prices start from £35 + VAT for ASE Members. For further enquiries, please email