Teaching Physics: From Basics to Brilliance

25 September 2024 - 19 March 2025

Join our dynamic, interactive workshop series designed to provide subject-specific support for science teachers. Whether you're looking to deepen your subject knowledge or refine your teaching strategies, our sessions have you covered!

Event Type: 
Online event
11-19 Teachers
Early Career Teachers
NQT ( Newly Qualified Teacher)
Student Teacher

Overview of the programme

10 subject-knowledge webinars with experts - for you to watch live or on demand.

These sessions are aimed at trainees, ECTs and non-specialists in physics, teaching GCSE level, and will

  • Improve your subject knowledge and strengthen your understanding of core concepts for GCSE teaching success
  • Explore effective strategies to address common misconceptions and enhance student learning
  • Identify the big ideas and links across the field of physics to create a cohesive learning experience.

Sessions will be interactive and allow time to identify own ideas and discuss how to develop own teaching.

Transform your teaching and make a lasting impact on your students.

Format: 10 online sessions, each 90 minutes long, spread over two terms.

You do not need to attend all 10 sessions - you can pick which ones are best for you!

Programme Schedule and Topics Covered:

Forces Unveiled

Module 1 Wednesday 25th September: 4.30pm

Energy Explored

Module 2 Tuesday 8th October: 4.30pm

Electrifying Circuits

Module 3 Tuesday 5th November: 4.30pm

Wave Wonders

Module 4 Tuesday 12th November: 4.30pm

Maths in Motion

Module 5 Wednesday 4th December: 4.30pm

The Heat is On

Module 6 Tuesday 17th December: 4.30pm

Magnetic Mysteries

Module 7 Wednesday 15th January: 4.30pm

Cosmic Journeys

Module 8 Thursday 30th January: 4.30pm

Radioactivity Revealed

Module 9 Thursday 6th March: 4.30pm

Practical Mastery

Module 10 Wednesday 19th March: 4.30pm


Each ticket will provide you with the recording for the session which you can watch on demand until August 2025.  By booking onto all sessions, you will have a library of expert subject-knowledge support to help you when you or your department need it the most.

Cost for ASE Members:  
1 session £37
3 sessions £105
5 sessions £165
10 sessions £312
Cost for non-ASE members in statefunded schools in UK  
1 session £49
3 sessions £140
5 sessions £221
10 sessions £417
Cost for non-ASE members in Independent and International schools  
1 session £61
3 sessions £175
5 sessions £276
10 sessions £521


Any questions please contact conferences@ase.org.uk

This CPD programme is brought to you in partnership between ASE and Physics Partners.

Meet your facilitators

Christina Astin

Christina Astin has over 25 years’ experience in secondary schools as an outstanding physics teacher and leader during which time she co-founded Young Scientists Journal

Dr Andrea Mapplebeck

Dr. Andrea Mapplebeck has worked in a variety of roles in secondary schools and higher education and has been writing and facilitating hands-on, evidence-informed CPD for schools, teachers, and other organizations across the UK and abroad since 2002.

In partnership with Physics Partners: Expert Practical Help for Schools