Technicians Running and Supporting STEM Clubs

03 December 2020
09:00 - 15:00

This course will help technicians explore effective ways of establishing STEM or science clubs,  evaluate activities and improve confidence

Event Type: 
Online event

Course Description

Does your school or college have an extracurricular STEM or Science club or is it planning to deliver one? If so then this course can really help you think about how as a technician, you can support a club to make it really effective. Whether you’re a technician that wants to support and get involved or a technician that wants to or has taken on the running of a club, then this course can really help you to make the club a good student experience.

STEM and Science clubs can really support the engagement of students from those that are more able to those that find mainstream science lesson boring, these clubs allow you to create curriculums that really excite and engage through good practical work and contexts.

This one day course will look at how to set up an effective club and keep it running, simple activities and resources, creating a STEM club curriculum, explore topics and types of clubs, effective practical work and how to get real life contexts in your club.

Participants will be able to:

  • Explore ways to set up an effective STEM or Science club and keep it going
  • Evaluate different activities, resources and curriculum for your club
  • Feel more confident in delivering a club or club sessions
  • Describe ways to make practical work more effective

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