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ASE Copyright Information 

The copyright of any article published in ASE journals is held by the author, with the exception of diagrammatic material that has been redrawn by our artists, for which the author and the ASE jointly hold the rights. 

Therefore, as the rights remain ultimately with the author(s), self-archival onto institutional repositories or similar is permitted without specific permission being sought, as long as the original source is fully acknowledged and the final published version is the one archived. 

To encourage maximum use of material contained in ASE journals, ASE and the authors of published articles are pleased to allow school and other educational establishments to reproduce articles from the journals, free of charge. Material reproduced should only be used for educational and other non-commercial purposes, and should carry an acknowledgement of the original source.

For more information about ASE copyright, and ASE journals in general, please contact the Journals Co-ordinator, Jane Hanrott, on or 01707 283000.