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EiS Xtra: Practical work in science – Why do we do it? What’s it like when it works well?


Open Access - November 2016 - This Report provided by Professor Sir John Holman (University of York, UK) explains the aims of the Gatsby Foundation’s Good Practical Science project are to compare how nations which perform well in science education use practical work. The result will enable Gatsby to produce a better global definition of the purposes of practical science, could help UK schools to judge how well they measure up internationally.

EIS Xtra - Increasing Achievement in Science Education: Learning Lessons from Finland & Estonia


Open Access - September 2015 - This Report is kindly shared by Dr. Neil McIntyre, Churchill Travelling Fellow and ASE member. The Report covers findings made during his trips to Finland and Estonia in 2014, during which he examined the school science education systems in both countries and compared them to those in the UK. A summary of his findings has been published in the September 2015 issue of 'Education in Science'

This document is restricted to members onlyEiS Xtra - Creative Little Scientists


Member only content - Nov 2014 - The Creative Little Scientists Project was a 30-month EU-funded comparative study working across nine participating countries. The Project reflected the high focus on science, mathematics and creativity in recent European education policy and the increased emphasis on creative learning and innovative teaching at all levels of education and training.

EiS Xtra - Chemistry at Work – a model of School/Community Partnership


Open Access - May 2014 - Chemistry at Work is a unique programme that provides an outstanding opportunity to contextualise learning for primary and secondary pupils, giving them an insight into future careers and skills required for the work place. Chemistry at Work is promoted by the Royal Society of Chemistry and supported by an education grant as part of the Reach and Teach Programme funded by the Wolfson Foundation.

This document is restricted to members onlyEIS Xtra - An evidence-based analysis of proposed changes to 'Ideas and evidence' in the National Curriculum


Member only content - July 2013 - Terry Russell and Linda McGuigan look at the latest publicly available National Curriculum draft and examine how ‘Ideas and Evidence’ is treated in terms of research about children’s development in this area of the curriculum.

EIS Xtra - Enriching the science curriculum with Open University short courses


This article is open for everyone to read - May 2013 - see the value of short courses from OU Science Course organiser, Liz Whitelegg.

This document is restricted to members onlyEIS Xtra - Behind the acronym


March 2013 - A full guide to all the meanings behind educational acronyms that the ASE could think of, compiled by ASE's Jane Hanrott.

EIS Xtra - Primary Science Focus - Meet your Committee


Content open to all - Feb 2013 - Read all the bios of ASE's Primary Science Committee.

This document is restricted to members onlyEIS Xtra - Science Beyond the Curriculum


Member only content - Feb 2013 - Dr Will Hughes from Birkenhead school reports on the value of enrichment activities from science in a box to annual science fairs.

This document is restricted to members onlyEIS Xtra: The York Science Project


Member only content - Nov 2012 - Professor Robin Millar and Mary Whitehouse are Project Directors of York Science at University of York ask How might planning in school be different if we specified the science curriculum in terms of observable learning outcomes?

This document is restricted to members onlyEIS Xtra - ASE in China


Member only content - Feb 2013 - ASE Chair, Liz Lawrence, recounts her trip to International Teenager Science and Technology Practice Contest at Guangzhou Work Technical School for High School Students, in Guangzhou, China.

This document is restricted to members onlyEIS Xtra - Rejected? Dejected? Correct it! (Part 3)


Member only content - Feb 2013 - Advice from an Education Author Part 3, James Williams, lecturer in science education at the University of Sussex, advises on writing for journals and other publications.

This document is restricted to members onlyEIS Xtra - All spit and polish (Part 2)


Member only content - Nov 2012 - Advice from an Education Author Part 2, James Williams, Author and Education Lecturer describes how to review and make articles ready for publishing.

This document is restricted to members onlyEIS Xtra - Expedition Iceland


Member only content - Nov 2012 - Professional learning outside the classroom: Geysers, northpoles and wild camping! A bunch of intrepid teachers spent a week in Iceland in a quest to learn about innovative ways to teach science and mathematics outside of a classroom setting.