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Issue: September 2017 269

International News: Update from the committee and the Alexandra Prize

Issue: September 2017 269

Author: Mary Whitehouse

Research Focus: Bringing inquiry into the classroom: Teacher perspectives and experiences

Issue: September 2017 269

Author: Catarina Correia

Extract: Inquiry pedagogy is characterised by students’ involvement in questioning, reasoning, observing, conjecturing, data gathering and interpreting, investigative practical work and collaborative discussions, and working with problems from and applicable to real life contexts (Anderson, 2002). Inquiry has been advocated as an effective strategy to increase students’ and teachers’ interest and motivation in learning science and about the nature of science (Minner et al, 2010).

11-19 Committee - What's in it for you?

Issue: September 2017 269

Author: Helen Harden, Chair of 11-19 Committee

Extract: One focus of the work of the ASE 11-19 Committee this year has been considering how ASE can support teachers facing curriculum change and challenge, across all UK nations, and including the new 9-1 GCSEs in England.

Primary Science Focus: Untangle the Web

Issue: September 2017 269

Author: Lesley Hunter

Extract: Many years, make that many, many years ago...if I wanted a piece of information, I would go to my trusty set of encyclopaedia. There they sat in their red leather-backed glory, taking up 75cm of space in my already full bookcase and, within a minute, I usually had my answer... and then got waylaid by perusing the other interesting but unconnected facts on the page. Archaic? Yes, but it worked.

Safety Matters: Resources for practical work on the Internet

Issue: September 2017 269

Author: ASE Health & Safety Specialist Group

ASE Evaluations: What resources do you buy?

Issue: September 2017 269

Extract: - Twycross Zoo education programme - Teaching Primary Science: Promoting enjoyment and developing understanding (Third Edition) - Practical Ideas for Teaching Primary Science: Inspiring learning and enjoyment - The Stick Book Frances Lincoln Limited

In your view: Uncertainty link to poor behaviour in science lessons and possible solutions

Issue: September 2017 269

Author: Steven Weir

Extract: It is widespread practice to ‘meet and greet’ students at the door and have a self-explanatory ‘in and on’ activity displayed on the board. The intention is that students settle quickly and are immediately engaged with their learning. I have noticed that, during the meet and greet, across these several schools and a variety of ability groups, the common question ‘Are we doing a practical today?’ is asked, often from numerous students entering the same lesson.

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Issue: September 2017 269


Issue: May 2017 268

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