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Experiences of the new A-level

Issue: November 2016 266

Author: Sarah Longshaw - Update from the 11-19 committee.

Extract: Prior to September (2016), our first year of delivery of the new specification, everything seemed to be in place. The specs were accredited; we had been on the exam board training; we had bought textbooks and online resources and had a route planned showing which teacher would deliver which topic. On the surface, it was pretty much business as usual, so how come the last year has been so challenging?

Why should primary teachers go to the ASE Annual Conference?

Issue: November 2016 266

Author: Leslie Hunter - Primary Science Focus

Extract: As a primary practitioner have you ever thought about going to the ASE Annual Conference? This article looks at the motivations in seeking subject specific CPD at the ASE event - whether for clarification, affirmation, inspiration or sheer desperation!

Reflections from a new editor

Issue: November 2016 266

Author: Leigh Hoath - Primary Science Focus

Extract: Since beginning as Editor of Primary Science, I have been in a privileged position to reflect on what is being shared with primary and Early Years teachers through its publication. It has made me look at things differently – how I am seeing the articles through the lens of a reader, a practitioner and now as an Editor and each perspective is slightly different.

Bringing inquiry into the classroom through Action Research

Issue: November 2016 266

Author: Chris Harrison

Extract: Several studies have documented students’ lack of interest, motivation and uptake in learning science. In 2007, an EU report called for a radical change in science pedagogy and recommended that school science teaching move from a deductive to an inquiry approach. To support this idea, the EU has funded many multi-country projects to bring a more inquiry approach to school science and to support groups of teachers across Europe in bringing about this radical change in pedagogy.

What resources to buy?

Issue: November 2016 266

Author: The ASE Green Tick Evaluation Scheme

Extract: We are pleased to present summary reports of the next three resources to have been awarded the ASE Green Tick.

Small Ads, Notes and Contacts

Issue: November 2016 266

Extract: - New exciting BBC iniative for 9-11 year olds - Challenges facing the transport industry - 3 minute hero campaign - Pioneering teacher development for 10 teachers in Scotland


Issue: September 2016 265


Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Shaun Reason

Extract: Welcome to this first issue of the 2016- 17 academic year. By the time you read this we will be into another hectic year in education. There will be challenges, whether you work inside or outside the UK. Even in our relatively small geographical area of the UK, we are increasingly delivering and assessing science in new and differing ways across the four nations.

ASE in Action

Issue: September 2016 265

ASE: Chair of the Association 2016/17

Issue: September 2016 265

Extract: Introducing the new Chair of the Association for Science Education for 2016/12 - Chris Colclough.

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