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Sharing globally - STEM resources for Russia

Issue: November 2017 270

Author: Adrian Fenton

Extract: The British Council has been considering what makes a 'good' STEM teaching resource and what has to be done to make such resources work in other cultural settings.

The importance of teaching students about sustainability

Issue: November 2017 270

Author: Mark Stevenson

Extract: This article takes a look at how teachers can integrate the discussion of sustainability into the classroom.

In Your View: The use of coloured pens to demonstrate student progress...

Issue: November 2017 270

Author: Steven Weir

Extract: Using coloured pens to demonstrate student progress over time has been under-researched. The author appeals for anyone interested in furthering such research.

ASE contacts

Issue: November 2017 270


Issue: September 2017 269


Issue: September 2017 269

Author: Shaun Reason, CEO, ASE

Extract: In classrooms all over the country, teachers and students will have begun the year with optimism – ‘hopes and dreams’. However, in today's educational environment in schools and colleges, hope seems almost fragile and under siege from so many external, as well as internal, factors. Yet how do we teach or learn without hope? ASE will continue to focus on the importance of high quality science teaching and learning, including high quality practical work.

ASE In Action

Issue: September 2017 269

Extract: - Obituary Sharon Rolland 1962–2017 - CSciTeach, RSci and RSciTech New Awards - Organise a Jeans for Genes Day - Annual Conference 2018: Tailor-made CPD

Chair of the Association 2017/18

Issue: September 2017 269

Author: Linda Needham, ASE Chair 2017-18

Extract: It seems like only two minutes since I had the seed planted about being nominated for the role of Chair; now that it’s actually here, I know I’m going to have to work swiftly as it will be over in a twinkle of the eye.

Technicians and teachers – a crucial relationship in the delivery of school science

Issue: September 2017 269

Author: Katherine Forsey

Extract: The relationship between school science technicians and teachers is crucial to the delivery of high quality science in our schools. The planning and delivery of practical lessons is a team effort, with teachers and technicians working closely together. As ‘practical lessons and learning outside the classroom are essential contributors to a good science education’ (House of Commons, 2010/12), this working relationship has to be productive and successful to achieve the best possible education for our pupils.

The technician crisis: What science teachers need to know

Issue: September 2017 269

Author: Andy Chandler-Grevatt

Extract: ASE members have been raising concerns that the hours and numbers of science technicians are decreasing. In response to this, the ASE 11-19 Committee carried out a survey, in consultation with the ASE Technicians Committee, to assess the situation. Now the results of the survey are in, it reveals an alarming situation. This article presents the key results from the survey, the implications and what you can do as a science teacher to reverse this trend.

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