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Science, sustainability and wicked problems

Issue: May 2017 268

Author: Margaret Fleming and Justin Dillon

Extract: If education prepares you for the future, then what sort of approaches are needed when the future is increasingly uncertain?

Natural Connections – why learn outside?

Issue: May 2017 268

Author: Martin Gilchrist

Extract: The message is clear – getting children outdoors is fantastic for their health, wellbeing and learning and can set them on a pathway to happy, healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

Seven tips for surviving exam stress!

Issue: May 2017 268

Author: Kirsty Bertenshaw

Extract: Stress has been in the news several times recently, with concerns over stress in young children tested in primary schools, all the way up to GCSE students who are often sitting two exams in one day during a very intense testing period. So, what are the signs of stress in our students and how can we support them?

Science Hunters: science learning through Minecraft

Issue: May 2017 268

Extract: Science Hunters is an outreach project based at Lancaster University. The project aims to engage children, particularly those who may face such barriers to accessing Higher Education, with science learning and university research.

Dream careers through studying science at school

Issue: May 2017 268

Author: Dr. Kelsey Herrick from the SeaWorld veterinary team and Mike Denninger, a top rollercoaster designer and engineer at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

Extract: Two members of the SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment team tell us how they used the science they learned at school to realise their dream careers.

Update from

Issue: May 2017 268

Author: Compiled by Rebecca Dixon-Watmough

Extract: • The Exploring Electricity Class Pack from Data Harvest • Collins AQA and OCR GCSE Student Books • Science technicians speak up for the profession

Science is the path to a cool career

Issue: May 2017 268

Extract: We all know how to get our students interested in science, what works in the classroom and how to inspire. But what happens next? We may have students with the enthusiasm and talent for science, but what are the opportunities beyond becoming a doctor, dentist or vet?

The Prep Room: Notes and news for technicians by technicians

Issue: May 2017 268

Author: Compiled by Sue Smith

Extract: • Summer STEM club ideas • Top tunes for the Rubens’ Tube • National Technicians’ Conference – a preview •

ASE Green Tick Evaluation Scheme

Issue: May 2017 268

Extract: Experienced members evaluate commercially available science resources, offering suggestions and guidance to the publishers/manufacturers, as well as pointing out specific features to potential customers. This issue’s evaluations look at: • Pasco wireless sensors and Smart Carts • The Virtual Physics Laboratory (VPL) from Virtual Science Ltd

11-19 Committee Update

Issue: May 2017 268

Author: Helen Harden

Extract: Our aim is to LISTEN to ASE members and ACT on concerns in a way that SUPPORTS members to empower students, including low attainers, to learn science for understanding and not just to pass exams.

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