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International News

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Lynne Symonds

Extract: The CASTME/ASE Award 2014. This prestigious award is specifically for a woman who has made a difference to the understanding of socially relevant science/maths/technology for girls and women, working in challenging circumstances.

Science Learning Centres Roundup

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Joy Parvin

Extract: Focus on supporting primary teachers in partnership with ASE.

The Prep Room

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Sue Smith

Extract: Sue Smith highlights some excellent CPD opportunities for technicians and top tips.

Research Focus

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: John Oversby

Extract: Education and education research are related, but are not the same. Education research is concerned with improving learning at all levels, but can range from policy to the nature of knowledge, as well as interventions in the classroom or with teachers.

Notes & News

Issue: May 2014 256

Extract: - British children pick science careers over fame and celebrity - Heavier workloads benefit teachers - Practising good hand hygiene through Science-led project


Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: ASE Chief Executive, Annette Smith takes a look at the year ahead and reflects on her time at ASE.

ASE in Action

Issue: February 2014 255

Author: Learns what's new on, about ASE's special service award and ASE says farewell to a number of colleagues.

Brenda Keogh – a personal appreciation

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: Annette Smith reflects on Brenda Keogh's primary science legacy.

ASE: ASE events 2014 – the story so far!

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: Welcome to a new regular feature in EiS – a round up of events happening nationally or locally, run or supported by ASE. Please visit: for further details and booking forms for all ASE events.

ASE: Get involved! Leadership opportunities with ASE

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: One of the major advantages of membership of ASE is the opportunity to share your expertise with your colleagues. Getting involved with ASE’s governance (Council or Assembly) will challenge your strategic thinking and put you at the heart of steering ASE’s direction into the future.

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