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Research Focus: Research at the 2017 Annual Conference

Issue: February 2017 267

Author: Shirley Simon, Catarina Correia and Chris Harrison

Extract: Over the three days of the ASE Annual Conference, there were several sessions that built or focused on research. Here we provide a brief overview of some inputs that might be of interest, and invite members to feed back any comments and suggestions about the role of research at future ASE meetings.

Primary Science Focus: Annual Conference 2017 – the primary programme

Issue: February 2017 267

Author: Lesley Hunter

Extract: Who would have thought that you would ever need a vacuum cleaner when trimming your beard in space? Isn’t it amazing what you can learn at an ASE conference! This little-known fact came from the Margaret Collis lecture in which Jeremy Curtis from the European Space Agency gave a fascinating talk about Tim Peake’s time in space, including what the astronauts eat and how Tim’s taste changed while in space.

The Prep Room: Technician Support Groups

Issue: February 2017 267

Author: Compiled by Sue Smith

Extract: In this issue of The Prep Room, we take a brief look at technician networks including one in New Zealand. These networks are invaluable in offering support and guidance to technicians. I hope you enjoy this issue and that it may inspire you to start a network of your own. If you do, please get CLEAPSS to add it to their list.

Publications: the 2016 ASE Book of the Year Award winner

Issue: February 2017 267

Extract: The announcement of the ASE’s first Book of the Year Award took place at the Members’ Reception at the ASE Annual Conference in Reading this year. The Award recognises the important role that physical books still have to play in the world of science education.

11-19 Committee Update: the Annual Conference – getting involved

Issue: February 2017 267

Author: Helen Harden

Extract: It was fantastic to see the 11-19 Committee so well represented at this year’s Annual Conference. Andy Chandler-Grevatt was kept busy presenting on 'Five Year assessment' and 'Pinch points – planned intervention in science'. Meanwhile, Sarah Longshaw and Euan Douglas, both current Heads of Science, made their Conference debuts presenting sessions on 'The challenges of science leadership' and 'More content, more depth: coping with the new GCSEs' respectively. Liz Coppard presented her first academic research poster on 'Teaching about the nature of matter in the pri-sec transition phase'.

ASE Contacts

Issue: February 2017 267

Extract: Who to contact at ASE if you have an enquiry.

Contents and Editorial

Issue: November 2016 266

Extract: Shaun Reason relays his conversations with a Science Subject Leader in England, talking about her school’s start to the autumn term and how they are coping with the new GCSEs, as well as the beginning of the second year of the linear science A-levels.

ASE in Action

Issue: November 2016 266

Extract: All the latest news from your professional association including our consultation responses, special journal issues and resources available to download.

ASE Annual Conference 2017

Issue: November 2016 266

Extract: This exciting event features a programme packed with science CPD and has something for everyone, whether you are a teacher, technician, teacher educator, governor, consultant, trainee or careers officer! With over 350 sessions and eleven special programmes, you can follow a range of themed paths, or create a personal programme that meets your CPD needs.

Leadership opportunities with ASE

Issue: November 2016 266

Extract: Have you considered becoming more involved with ASE through our committees and networks? Applications will open soon as we accept nominations for our new chair, trustees and honorary secretary.

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