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Science on Stage 2016 - Teacher's Stories

Issue: September 2016 265

Extract: With the Science on Stage 2017 festival in Hungary less than a year away, the search is on for the next group of excellent teachers to become the 2017 UK delegation. This is a unique opportunity for teachers and technicians to present their best science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teaching methods and activities, representing their school or college at an international level.

I'm a Scientist: gender differences in online engagement

Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Natasha Plaister and Jessica Hamer

Extract: Since March 2014, the Institute of Physics has been running a project called ‘Improving Gender Balance’, which explores how schools can increase the proportion of girls taking A-level physics. Last year, the project sponsored two zones in the I’m a Scientist online event. Students from our partner schools took part in live online chats with a panel of five scientists, with the aim of increasing the students’ engagement with science and scientists.

Keeping Alan Turing’s name alive at Sherborne School

Issue: September 2016 265

Author: David Ridgeway

Extract: Alan Turing is now a household name, and in Britain he is a national hero. There are several biographies, a handful of documentaries, one Hollywood feature film, countless articles, plays, poems, statues and other tributes, and a blue plaque in almost every town in which he lived or worked.

Elf & Safety: Part 1

Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Andy Piggott

Extract: Many problems with health and safety are due to poor design of labs and prep rooms. Advice and guidance on good design of science accommodation can be found at However, this article looks at how our behaviour, as science teachers and technicians, affects the management of risks to ourselves and our students.

Virtual Reality in science and geography via Google Expeditions

Issue: September 2016 265

Extract: The year 2016 is when Virtual Reality has finally become a mainstream product, with major investment by some of the leading developers in the IT and smartphone sector (e.g. HTC, Samsung, Sony). Whilst the Virtual Reality (VR) devices being launched this year are usually associated with gaming and entertainment, their potential in education is also being explored.

The CREST 30th anniversary–looking back into the future

Issue: September 2016 265

Extract: Find out about new developments and planned festivities at the CREST awards celebrates 30 years. updates

Issue: September 2016 265

The Great Bug Hunt 2016

Issue: September 2016 265

Extract: The 2016 winning entries were judged on 28th June, during National Insect Week, by Dr. Luke Tilley from the RES and Rebecca Dixon-Watmough from ASE. Children taking part in the competition had spent their time exploring habitats before recording their observations and researching the insects. Photos, pictures, poems, graphs and songs were all used to creatively show off the little things that run the world – insects.

The Prep Room

Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Compiled by Sue Smith

Extract: Notes and news for technicians by technicians.

Primary Science Focus: The year ahead

Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Lesley Hunter

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