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Journal of Emergent Science

Editors: Jane Johnston and Sue Dale Tunnicliffe

The Journal of Emergent Science is a professional research e-journal published by the Emergent Science Network in collaboration with ASE. The journal focuses on science (including health, technology and engineering) for young children from birth to 8 years of age. The key features of the journal are that it:

  • is child-centred;
  • focuses on scientific development of children from birth to 8 years of age, considering the transitions from one stage to the next;
  • contains easily accessible yet rigorous support for the development of professional skills;
  • focuses on effective early years science practice and leadership;
  • considers the implications of research into emergent science practice and provision;
  • contains exemplars of good learning and development firmly based in good practice;
  • supports analysis and evaluation of professional practice.

The Editorial Board of the journal is composed of Association for Science Education members, including teachers and academics with national and international experience.

It is published on the ASE web site twice a year. Subscribers will receive an e-mail alert from ASE Headquarters informing them of the availability of the issue. The journal can be read online or downloaded. Back issues of the journal are also available free of charge to subscribers.

Subscription Costs

Per Year - £30

All such journal subscriptions run on a calendar year, from 1st January to 31st December. The journal was free in 2011 and subscriptions started in 2012.
ASE members will receive this journal free of charge as a membership benefit.

If you are not a member and would like to receive this journal in 2012, a subscription charge of £30 will apply. Subscriptions will not be taken before 1st January 2012. Non-members who wish to be reminded of subscriptions for JES in 2012 should register their interest by emailing

Published: March/September
ISSN: 2046-4754

Journal of Emergent Science - 6Journal of Emergent Science - 6

December 2013 Issue 6 of the Journal of Emergent Science (JES) looks at pedagogical approaches to the development of predictions and hypotheses in Early Years education, the recognition and naming of plants and animals by 4 year olds, role of 3 dimensional mind maps and how to develop scientific curiosity in 3–7 year olds.


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