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Primary Science number 116

Number 116 - January 2011

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Chris Harrison and Sally Howard

Assessment for learning: how and why it works in primary classrooms. In the second part of this series, the authors focus on the key aspects of formative assessment, including dialogue, collaboration and independent learners.

9 TEACHOSAURUS AND LEARNOCERATOPS: dinosaurs as a motivating cross-curricular theme

Denis Duggan

A look into the benefits that dinosaurs may bring to the classroom.

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John McCullagh and Julian Greenwood

The authors compare computer microscopes and their ability to enhance science enquiry.

18 Night and Day - it’s obvious how it works, isn’t it?

Bob Kibble

Bob Kibble provides an insight into this seemingly simple idea and explores why we should teach children something which will shortly have be 'unlearned'.

22 You must be a member to download this article GETTING PRACTICAL WITH PRIMARY TEACHERS

Janet Chetwood, Melanie Smith and Georgina Chapman

Insights into the primary-tailored 'Getting Practical' programme.

26 You must be a member to download this article TALKING SCIENCE

Alison Eley

Following a project funded by the AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust, the author discusses improving primary to secondary school transition through an argument-based approach to teaching science.


Louise Brazil, Jennifer Curtis, Rachel Grayer and Ruth Henry

Teaching students share the planning and teaching of an open-ended science investigation.

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