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Primary Science number 128

Number 128 - May 2013

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3 Focus on…Let them go?
4 You must be a member to download this article Notice Board
5 You must be a member to download this article Giving children ownership of their science investigations is easier than you might think

Bridget Holligan

Bridget Holligan believes that giving children more control over what and how they investigate can really engage and motivate them in science but how do you make it manageable?

9 You must be a member to download this article A child-centred approach to learning about healthy eating

Francesca Telford

Trainee teacher Francesca Telford describes how a cross-curricular, child centred approach and a relevant context engaged a class of 8- to 10-year olds with learning about healthy food and nutrition.

13 You must be a member to download this article ‘Egg races’ and other practical challenges

Geoff Auty

Geoff Auty discusses the ideas behind science and technology challenges and shares his own experiences of ‘egg races'.

19 You must be a member to download this article Working wonders

Lynne Bianchi

Lynne Bianchi shares the information about children’s scientific wonderings that she and others have found in a recent project.

24 You must be a member to download this article To lead or not to lead?

Maria Bertenshaw, Katie Bradford, Natalie Burns, Rachel Flux and Danielle Horan

Explore being facilitators in lessons focusing on microorganisms

27 You must be a member to download this article Learning about yeast through science, art and poetry

Lois Kelly and Alison Brade

Lois Kelly and Alison Brade describe a cross-curricular project designed to enhance learning about micro-organisms.

30 It is well worth taking a closer look

Peter Sainsbury

Peter Sainsbury advocates the use of microscopes in the primary classroom to transform the familiar into something quite amazing.

34 You must be a member to download this article The cat sat on the mat: changing minds, changing ideas

Mick Statham

In this second instalment of his two-part article, Mick Statham draws from coaching and research into children’s learning in science to present a model for building pupils’ scientific ideas quickly and effectively.

39 Reviews

Reviews of latest primary science resources.
Enhancing primary science: developing effective crosscurricular links Ed. Lois Kelly and Di Stead, Open University Press
Create and display: science Rebecca Carnihan, Oxfordshire Scholastic
Habitats and wildlife in danger Sarah Levete London: Wayland, 2012
..and more!

Let them go? Personalising learning in science