The Association for Science Education

Primary Science issues released in 2015

Primary Science - 140Primary Science - 140

Theme: Into the meting pot!
This issue takes a look at primary science assessment practice and introduces the new "Science Swap Shop". These are pull-out activities you can use in the classroom straight away.

Primary Science - 139Primary Science - 139

Theme: STEM
This issue's theme is about everything 'STEM' and how to inspire learners to think and apply their learning in a real-world context, and their ability to be curious and ask questions about the world around them. Articles feature ideas for activities with different ages groups and how to link science with design and technology.

Primary Science - 138Primary Science - 138

Theme: Talking Science
This issue's theme is about 'talking science' on how 'thinking out-loud' can help our learning. Articles feature activities for children that help them learn about science through talk. Topics include evolution, astronomy, using puppets and integrating literacy.

Primary Science - 137Primary Science - 137

Theme: Overcoming barriers
This issue's theme is about overcoming barriers with features on projects that have helped schools to overcome barriers and make science meaningful for young people with diverse needs.

Primary Science - 136Primary Science - 136

Theme: Transition
This issue's theme is all about transition with features on open-ended investigations and making the 'big move' to secondary school.