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What is family learning?

Issue: May 2016 143

Author: Alison Eley explains how the ‘Learning Science Together’ project can provide positive family learning experiences through science.

Science Open Doors

Issue: May 2016 143

Author: Science Opens Doors is the creation of Clive Thompson of the Horners’ Livery Company. Steve and Jen Smyth describe one of the project events and how it sparked curiosity and interest beyond all expectations

Primary Science Interview: Science Sparks

Issue: May 2016 143

Author: Lynne Bianchi talks with Emma Vanstone about Science Sparks.

Pop-up physics for families

Issue: May 2016 143

Author: Deborah Herridge and Joe Shimwell explain how students and staff from Northumbria University are joining forces to offer families from our most deprived areas a different kind of retail therapy.

Saturday Morning Science

Issue: May 2016 143

Author: John Kirkland shares how he brings science into the family with his ‘Dads and Kids Saturday Science’ mornings – mums are welcome too!

Primary Science Quality Mark – 2016 update

Issue: May 2016 143

Author: It is five years since an article last appeared in Primary Science about the Primary Science Quality Mark and quite a lot has happened since, as Jane Turner explains.

Horticulture in schools

Issue: May 2016 143

Author: Robert Milne believes that food gardening should be included in the school curriculum and backed by university-based teacher training.

New To Teaching: WebQuests as a tool to support children in carrying our research using secondary sources to answer their scientific questions

Issue: May 2016 143

Author: James Barker and Deborah Pope report on the introduction of a simple WebQuest tool to a year 5 class to support an enquiry-based approach to teaching aspects of ‘Earth and space’.

We’re definitely going to the zoo!

Issue: May 2016 143

Extract: Rachel Haydon and Stephanie Pace describe how the Zoological Society of London is working with teachers to enhance the experience and learning for all who take a trip to the zoo.

Having Fun With Science: Street Science; Fractals

Issue: May 2016 143

Author: Carol Sampey shares a couple of activities she has run in her school that you could do too!

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