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The TAPS pyramid: where, who and how?

Issue: March 2018 2018

Author: Isabel Hopwood-Stephens

Extract: Isabel Hopwood-Stephens outlines the success of TAPS through the exploration of their data.

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Issue: March 2018 152

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Issue: March 2018 2018

It's not just games: exploring the science of sport

Issue: March 2018 152

Author: Paul Tyler

Extract: Paul Tyler shows where there is science in physical education and sport – and provides a context to draw pupils into learning.

Making more effective use of moderation

Issue: March 2018 2018

Author: Pauline Rodger

Extract: Pauline Rodger from Holt Primary School discusses how moderation of working scientifically is developing in her school.

Supporting staff to develop a shared understanding of science assessment

Issue: March 2018 2018

Author: Carol Sampey

Extract: Carol Sampey outlines how science and assessment can be brought together effectively through highlighting developments at Shaw Primary.

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Issue: March 2018 152

Assessment of working scientifically – the TAPS Focused Assessment approach

Issue: March 2018 2018

Author: Kendra McMahon

Extract: Kendra McMahon explains what Focused Assessments are and why they are effective for both teachers and learners.

A potent mix: when science and poetry combine

Issue: March 2018 152

Author: Verity Jones

Extract: Verity Jones considers where science is hiding within the lines of poetry.

Using TAPS Focused Assessments as part of our teacher assessment approach

Issue: March 2018 2018

Author: Kerry-Anne Barber

Extract: Kerry-Anne Barber looks at the Focused Assessments in action and her experience of them being translated into practice.

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