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Discovering the science hidden behind real objects

Issue: March 2018 152

Author: Ruth Desforges

Extract: Ruth Desforges, from the Discovery and Learning Team at the Zoological Society of London, describes how objects can be used to promote an enquiring mind.

Supporting the teaching and assessment of working scientifically

Issue: March 2018 2018

Author: James Mepsted

Extract: James Mepsted considers a range of strategies that help to support the teaching of working scientifically within schools and lead to effective assessment.

Can I mix these? Yes, you can!

Issue: March 2018 152

Author: Sarah Bearchell

Extract: Sarah Bearchell outlines how allowing children ownership of their hands-on activities leads to more engaged learning.

Supporting transition

Issue: March 2018 2018

Author: Asima Qureshi and James Petrucco

Extract: Asima Qureshi and James Petrucco offer ideas around supporting the transitions between year groups and stages of schooling.

Advertisement: British Association of Planetaria

Issue: March 2018 152

TAPS for pupils

Issue: March 2018 2018

Author: Sarah Earle

Extract: Sarah Earle pulls together this special issue and shows that TAPS is not just for teachers, but also for the learners through the voices of Science Subject Leaders...

News from the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT)

Issue: March 2018 2018

W.A.L.T. We Are Learning To...Lesson planning – the opening gambit

Issue: March 2018 152

Author: Bob Kibble

Extract: Bob Kibble talks relatives in lesson planning: have you met WALT's cousins?

The Sand Yacht Challenge...inspires lots of science

Issue: March 2018 152

Author: Robin James

Extract: Robin James outlines the science behind using the power of the wind to drive and race small buggies.

Will you be part of the Great Science Share for Schools 2018?

Issue: March 2018 152

Author: Shane Nolan

Extract: Shane Nolan, SEERIH Teacher Champion and ASE Primary Committee member, offers his experiences of the ASE Annual Conference 2018 and his motivation to share more science.

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