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The sound of science

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: Julian Grant explores the cross-curricular nature of language in scientific recording and how children can waken an audible science world with words.

Can I blow it up? Can I eat it? Exploring the science of food

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: Gill Harrison and Sam Holyman consider how links can be made between food and the curriculum, offering ideas to support science teaching

Heads, shoulders, knees and … beaks?

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: Ruth Barber explains why there is no need to get in a flap about cross-curricular teaching: when time allocation for science is a challenge, here’s how to claw some back.

How many licks?

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: Stephen W. Mamber and Alice Gantenbein pack a wealth of enquiry into an exploration of a tantalising question first raised in a 1960s US television commercial.

Root and branch reform: teaching city kids about urban trees

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: Mark Walker shares his ideas for teaching city children about urban trees, an ideal approach to teaching a range of geography, maths and science topics at primary level, while helping to reconnect the children with the natural world around them.

The Great Bug Hunt 2017

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: Wickham Market Primary School in Suffolk were the worthy first-prize winners of the Great Bug Hunt 2016, having defeated hundreds of schools from across the UK in the competition organised by the Association for Science Education and the Royal Entomological Society. Their prize was a school ‘bug day’ led by Dr Luke Tilley from the RES.

Unlocking learning using Tony Ryan’s ‘Thinker’s Keys’

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: Linda Robinson explains how Tony Ryan’s ‘Thinker’s Keys’ support the development of innovative and creative thinking in her school.

New to teaching: Small changes can produce big results!

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: Megan Shenton, a final-year trainee teacher, describes using ‘The Big Question’ in her science teaching in a move away from objectives.

Developing EAL learners’ science conceptual understanding through visualisation

Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: In the first of two articles, Mark Hainsworth shares some of the pedagogy and strategies that he has used to help EAL learners with their understanding of science concepts.


Issue: January 2017 146

Extract: - Primary science for trainee teachers, Judith Roden and James Archer, London: Learning Matters, 2014 - The story of space: Race to the Moon, Steve Parker, London: Franklin Watts, 2015 - Next time you see a …spiderweb, Emily Morgan, Arlington, VA: NSTA Kids, 2015

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