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Focus on...Professional Learning

Issue: May 2017 148

Author: Editor: Leigh Hoath

Extract: Looking beyond the sticky notes and marker pens that are often standard issue on one-day courses, we are inspired to take back ideas and strategies to our classrooms and begin to make changes that will improve some aspect of learning and teaching. There are some really high-quality professional development opportunities for teachers and it is essential that attendance at these is encouraged and fully supported by the leadership team in schools.

Professional learning communities

Issue: May 2017 148

Extract: Alison Eley considers how working as part of a professional learning community can support a collaborative and evidence-informed approach to improving practice.

After PISA – real approaches to science in Wales

Issue: May 2017 148

Extract: Verity Jones discusses how industrial links can support science teaching and professional development.

We’re PSQM silver – so what?

Issue: May 2017 148

Extract: David Church reflects on the impact the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) process had on raising the profile of science, children’s attainment and his role as science subject leader.

Improving the teaching of science and technology in primary schools – a cluster approach

Issue: May 2017 148

Extract: Paul Chambers reviews a programme of primary science professional development that has been operating in Scotland for a number of years and discusses its effectiveness.

The trainee teacher journey

Issue: May 2017 148

Extract: Trainee teachers, Toni Cain, Jemima Davey, Georgi Colliety, Maddy Hayward, Camilla Robinson, Regan Kerr and Rob Shaw, talk about science and explore their reasons for becoming science specialists.

A spaghetti challenge raises the profile of science

Issue: May 2017 148

Extract: Year 6 teacher, Martin Britton, describes a science week in his school and the excitement around a day of science challenge.

The Great Science Share – inspiring us all to share science!

Issue: May 2017 148

Extract: Lynne Bianchi tells how teachers and advocates from all sectors can come together to share science and really make a difference.

Add more gin …! Common misconceptions and strategies for correcting them

Issue: May 2017 148

Extract: Martin Wesley discusses misconceptions commonly seen when teaching science and some strategies to pre-empt or correct them.

‘But haven’t you got enough to do?’ Getting involved in action research

Issue: May 2017 148

Extract: Sheetal Kowalczyk reflects upon her teaching experiences and the importance of research in supporting and developing her practice.

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