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School Science Review issues released in 2016

School Science Review - 363School Science Review - 363

Theme: The attraction of space
December 2016 (Issue 363) This issue celebrates the educational initiatives from Tim Peake's Principia Mission this year featuring articles from the National Space Centre. From physical science demonstrations conducted aboard the ISS, what it was like to have live contact with the astronaut from school to practical activities to explain how satellites stay above the Earth. Other featured articles look at physics experiments with counter-intuitive outcomes, how to make a Microsco-pi and an inquiry-based science activity about climate change. This issue also introduces a four part series on optimal learning in schools.

School Science Review - 362School Science Review - 362

Theme: Science during primary-secondary transition
September 2016 (Issue 362) This issue considers some of the problems associated with transition from primary to secondary school with special guest editors Sue Collins and Michael Reiss. Articles look at a variety of issues including improving continuity and progressions for students, using science learning progression to address problems and how CASE (Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education) has been used to bridge the period of transition.

School Science Review - 361School Science Review - 361

June 2016 (Issue 361) With no theme in this edition, this issue features a variety of shared ideas from the UK and around the world. From Manchester where research students deliver workshops to schools involving the use of fruit flies to Cologne in Germany where a project considers if the use of new technologies can motivate students to produce more effective practical investigations.

School Science Review - 360School Science Review - 360

Theme: Mathematics in science
March 2016 (Issue 360) In this issue guest editor, Richard Needham, collects together the understanding of mathematics in science from teaching statistics to problem solving.