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School Science Review issues released in 2017

School Science Review - 365School Science Review - 365

June 2017 (Issue 365) This issue pulls together articles focusing on two very different themes "Teaching and learning about epistemic insight" and the "New GCSEs". Covering everything from qualification reform to how students describe science and scientists.

School Science Review - 364School Science Review - 364

March 2017 (Issue 364) This issue features lots of shared learning from educational contributors and ideas to try in our ‘science notes’ section including a 137-second plant hunt and two simple methods to enrich teaching on genetics. Other articles look at how to use test data to identify students’ misconceptions in science, how to help students to understand the different between physical and chemical changes with the ‘REACT’ (relating, experiencing, applying, cooperating and transferring) strategy and using papers cups to study heat transfer. This issue also presents the second and third instalment of a four part series on optimal learning in schools.