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Contents and Editorial

Issue: March 2018 368

Author: Geoff Auty

Letters to the Editor

Issue: March 2018 368

Science Notes: The use of body mass index to engage and challenge students in mathematics in science

Issue: March 2018 368

Author: Steven Weir

Science Notes: The aufbau principle and electron configurations

Issue: March 2018 368

Author: Chris Talbot

Science Notes: Favourite demonstration experiments

Issue: March 2018 368

Author: Randal Henly

What frameworks are helpful to science teachers and their pupils when thinking about the relationship between science and religion?

Issue: March 2018 368

Author: Jane Borgeaud

Extract: This article argues that science teachers need an awareness of different ways of understanding the relationship between science and religion in order to ensure that science is perceived by pupils as a subject open to all learners, including all children of faith; a framework for supporting this understanding is offered.

Can a rabbit be a scientist? Stimulating philosophical dialogue in science classes

Issue: March 2018 368

Author: Lynda Dunlop and Jelle de Schrijver

Extract: Philosophical dialogue, facilitated by teachers, can help students to think and argue and make connections between science, their own ideas and interests, and other disciplines.

Deconstructing the constructed experience: reforming science materials to develop creativity

Issue: March 2018 368

Author: Timothy A. Goodale and Claire E. Hughes

Extract: Using strategies ranging from notebooks to deeper questioning, teachers can break down a given lesson plan to increase opportunities for students to respond creatively.

Teaching basic science content via real-world applications: a college-level summer course in veterinary anatomy and physiology

Issue: March 2018 368

Author: Paul Maza, Allison Miller, Brian Carson and John Hermanson

Extract: A course for high school students to inspire them about veterinary medicine science content through activities that help them relate the subject matter to practical medical situations.

A biologist's musing on teaching about entropy and energy: towards a better understanding of life processes

Issue: March 2018 368

Author: Ulrich Kattmann

Extract: Entropy is more usually studied in physics and chemistry but can also be considered in biology to explain limitations of energy changes in life processes.

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