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How can the education system ensure students have an improved science learning experience?

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Peter Canning Developing a workable method for the assessment of practical skills with regard to a balance between open investigation and measureable achievement

Endorsing the practical endorsement? OCR’s approach to practical assessment in science A-levels

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Steve Evans and Neil Wade One examination board’s view of a suitable direction for the assessment of skills in practical science

Practically perfect in every way: why it is essential that our young people engage with practical biology

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Sarah Cox Whether to develop understanding and learn about biology or to gain experience relevant to future careers, practical work and the handling of real materials are essential parts of student experience

The role of ‘practical’ work in teaching and learning chemistry

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Keith S. Taber Practical laboratory work is an important feature of chemistry courses but practical activities that effectively support student learning of chemical concepts require careful planning.

The resourcing of science in Scottish schools

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Stuart Farmer, William Hardie and Sally Brown Money spent on updating and replacing science equipment in schools in Scotland has been found to vary widely – how does this affect educational achievement?

How technicians can lead science improvements in any school: a small-scale study in England

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Beth Jones and Simon Quinnell Technicians can lead an isolated existence; this scheme can enable them to share knowledge and skills through mutual support between institutions

Using ICT to reinvigorate practical work in science

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Neil Ingram From desktop computers to smartphones, there are many options to avoid writing long-hand in notebooks, and these can help make the science education experience more effective

Increasing students’ interest in science: the contribution of practical work

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Helen Darlington An in-school research project considers how various practical activities (such as handling apparatus, choosing investigations, solving puzzles and having peer-group discussions) can influence student interest in science

Developing global competences by extended chemistry concept maps

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Teresa Celestino and Marco Piumetti Concept maps can be very useful in visualising interdisciplinary connections and highlighting the ethical issues involved


Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: - Badger KS3 ACE Science (series review) - Physics Calculations for GCSE and IGCSE - A Down to Earth Guide to the Cosmos - Getting to Grips with Science: A Fresh Approach for the Curious

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