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Real science, real classrooms

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Becky Parker

Extract: The Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS) makes cutting-edge research projects open to students and their teachers so that they can experience the excitement and challenge of science.

Building ‘science capital’ in the classroom

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Effrosyni Nomikou, Louise Archer and Heather King

Extract: An introduction to the concept of ‘science capital’ and its implementation in science teaching practice.


Issue: June 2017 365

Extract: • The Geek Guide to Life – Science’s Solutions to Life’s Little Problems Colin Stuart and Mun-Keat Looi • The Hive at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens Kew • What Colour is the Sun? Brian Clegg • A Most Improbable Journey: A Big History of Our Planet and Ourselves Walter Alvarez • The Abyss of Time: A Study in Geological Time and Earth History Paul Lyle • The String Book Adam Hart-Davis • Lightning Strikes: Timeless Lessons in Creativity from the Life and Work of Nikola Tesla John F. Wasik

Science websearch

Issue: June 2017 365

Extract: • AQA: Teachit Science • AQA: Exampro • CCEA Resources • CIE: Resource Centre • CIE: Teacher Support • OCR: Subject resources • Pearson Edexcel: Subject resources • Scottish Qualifications Authority: Timetable and examination apps • WJEC: Resources

Index to Volume 98

Issue: June 2017 365

SSR special issues and advertisers index

Issue: June 2017 365

Contents and Editorial

Issue: March 2017 364

Author: Editor: Geoff Auty


Issue: March 2017 364

Extract: Newton’s Third Law


Issue: March 2017 364

Extract: The truth, the half-truth or perhaps nothing like the truth – a tribute to John Warren (1923–2016)

Science Note: The famous 137-second plant hunt

Issue: March 2017 364

Author: Nicholas Souter

Extract: Set the task for each pupil to collect a single specimen of as many different leaves as possible during 137 seconds.

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