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Introducing ethical frameworks into classroom discussions of scientific ethics

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Judith M. D. Philip and Angus H. Ferguson

Extract: Teaching scientific ethics can seem different to the normal right/wrong focus of science lessons; this article describes a simple way to approach the often-complex issues in scientific ethics.

Designing research-informed resources for more effective practical work

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Angela Hall and Emma Palmer

Extract: A rationale and design process for a more effective approach to practical work developed by the Nuffield Foundation’s Practical Work for Learning project.

‘Science Without Walls’ and ‘Teaching Challenging Topics’: two programmes of continuing professional development using online environments

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Emily Perry and John Wardle

Extract: Online continuing professional development has the potential to transform traditional approaches to CPD, as illustrated here by two training programmes for science teachers.

Problems encountered by science teachers in wheelchairs

Issue: February 2015 356

Author: Lyn Haynes and Maria Turkenburg

Extract: Schools have a duty of care towards their staff and those with impairments are entitled to reasonable adjustments. How can we support colleagues with impairments in science?


Issue: February 2015 356

Science app reviews

Issue: February 2015 356

Science web search

Issue: February 2015 356

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Issue: February 2015 356

Contents and Editorial

Issue: November 2014 355

Author: Geoff Auty, SSR Editor

Science Note: Estimating the rate of tropical deforestation in the Amazon using freely available Google Earth images and quadrat techniques

Issue: November 2014 355

Author: Stephen Rowcliffe

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