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Issue: June 2017 365

‘Qualification reform; a two-way conversation’: follow-up to a presentation by Ofqual staff at the ASE Annual Conference 2017

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Sarah Old

Extract: Changes to A-level and GCSE examinations, reviewed in a presentation at the ASE Annual Conference in January 2017, are summarised and links to ongoing discussion provided

Some thoughts about words and numbers in science

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Ed Walsh

Extract: Emphasising the importance of literacy and numeracy in the learning of science and in examinations.

Keeping a finger on the pulse: assessment and tracking

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Ed Walsh

Extract: Manageable ways of assessing and tracking student progress in understanding and learning science.

More content and more depth: coping with new GCSEs

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Euan Douglas

Extract: Considerations of how to manage the learning of more facts and being able to link them together, which can include students studying information in advance of lessons on a new topic.

Biology practicals that work: SAPS drop-in sessions at the ASE Annual Conference 2017

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Dan Jenkins and Beverley Goodger

Extract: Suggestions for plant biology practical work developed by ‘Science And Plants for Schools’ (SAPS) being tried by groups of teachers as a practice for individual or group work in class.

Caught ya! A school-based practical activity to evaluate the capture–mark–release–recapture method

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Crawford Kingsnorth, Chae Cruickshank, David Paterson and Stephen Diston

Extract: An activity for evaluating methods of estimating population size of animals in the wild.

PISA 2015: findings and some implications for UK science education

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Jonathan Osborne and Robin Millar

Extract: Consideration of what can (and cannot) be inferred from assessment of the progress of students in many countries using the same tests.

The Big Build

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Sarah Haigh, Christopher Bell and Chris Ruta

Extract: Opportunities to learn about science, technology and engineering (and develop confidence about transition) at events held in a secondary school for pupils from local primary schools.

Optimal learning in schools – theoretical evidence: Part 4 Metacognition

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: John Crossland

Extract: The fourth article in a four-part series aligns some top outcomes from the Sutton Trust– Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Toolkit and John Hattie’s meta-analysis on evidence-based classroom practice, with outcomes from cognitive psychology and neuroscience, to optimise learning.

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