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Theme editorial: Epistemic insight: teaching and learning about the nature of science in real-world and multidisciplinary arenas

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Berry Billingsley and Mark Hardman

Teaching and learning about epistemic insight

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Berry Billingsley

Extract: Epistemic insight is a research and education initiative that is seeking to establish effective ways to help school students to appreciate the power and limitations of science.

Changing science education to meet the demands of a changing society

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Peter J. Fensham

Extract: Considering societal demands for science education over the last 50 years and how the curriculum has responded suggests what is needed to meet today’s demands.

Understanding how science works: the nature of science as the foundation for science teaching and learning

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: William F. McComas

Extract: The nature of science should be taught explicitly by knowledgeable teachers, and integrated with content across the curriculum.

Teaching about nature of science in secondary education: a view from multicultural classrooms

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Haira Emanuela Gandolfi

Extract: A study of science lessons in two schools shows how teachers incorporate nature of science, implicitly and explicitly, through various examples, approaches and topics.

The relevance of science in a ‘black box’ technological world

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Ian Abrahams, Marina Constantinou, Nikolaos Fotou and Bev Potterton

Extract: Teaching a tighter form of scientific literacy before the age of 14 would allow pupils to specialise sooner, and this would better meet the challenges of the technological world.

Models, matter and truth in doing and learning science

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Mark Hardman

Extract: Both school pupils and professional scientists use models to explain and reason about the world.

Bella’s beetle: approaching bioscience practice from its silent kinaesthetic and affective side

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: David Hay

Extract: This story about Bella and her beetle explores the path of making scientific knowledge.

Variation in graphing practices between mathematics and science: implications for science teaching

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Vicky Wong

Extract: Appreciating how and why graphs are used differently in mathematics and science leads to improved understanding of the issues faced by students in applying graphing skills in science.

Real science, real classrooms

Issue: June 2017 365

Author: Becky Parker

Extract: The Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS) makes cutting-edge research projects open to students and their teachers so that they can experience the excitement and challenge of science.

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