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Science Teacher Education issues released in 2013

Science Teacher Education - 68Science Teacher Education - 68

The October issue of Science Teacher Education (STE) includes a selection of article focused on research in science teacher education, news and reviews. In this issue features include; Lúcia Pombo's analysis of the value of collaborative work making periscopes with primary teacher education students. Alan Goodwin presents the third installment of Science ideas ‘chemical equilibrium and reaction rates’. Sally Hardman and Sue Luke tell their story and how to analyse one's own practice.

Science Teacher Education - 67Science Teacher Education - 67

Special Issue: The student teacher as change agent?

Science Teacher Education - 66Science Teacher Education - 66

STE is the professional journal, published by ASE, for all concerned with the pre-service education, induction and professional development of science teachers. It is a highly regarded periodical, produced three times a year, and was first published in 1991.