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Code of Conduct

ASE's Code of Professional Conduct

The Code of Professional Conduct will apply to all ASE members and to ASE staff.  It shall also apply equally to interactions between members and in dealings ASE members/staff may have with representatives of other organisations and professional bodies.  It is designed to avoid any behaviour that could damage the reputation of the Association.           

Professional values

Members shall:

  • conduct their professional activities ethically and with integrity;
  • show respect for others and oppose prejudice to safeguard equality of opportunity regardless of gender, marital status, religion, colour, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, disability and age;
  • act fairly and honestly in all situations and never engage in corrupt practices;
  • be sensitive to the values, interests and opinions of other individuals/ groups, both within ASE and the wider community. 

Professional behaviour

Members shall:

  • demonstrate and promote fair and reasonable standards in the treatment of people who are operating within their sphere of influence;
  • ensure that their professional judgment is not compromised nor could be perceived as being compromised because of bias, or the undue influence of others;
  • make professional judgements and offer opinions that are based on evidence and with due regard for objectivity, reliability and the limitations of their professional expertise;
  • accept majority decisions with good grace;
  • treat all information with the appropriate level of confidentiality and act accordingly in relation to disclosure to others;
  • endeavour to promote the interests of and maintain the dignity and welfare of the Association and the science teaching profession. 

Professional responsibilities

Members shall:

  • maintain a broad and up to date understanding of regulations and requirements in their field of expertise;
  • be mindful of the distinction between acting in a personal and professional/corporate capacity;
  • act in a professional manner when dealing with the media in all its forms only commenting on matters which fall within their area of expertise and taking care to distinguish between statements of fact and expressions of opinion;
  • act in a way which supports and upholds the reputation of the Association for Science Education or other related professional organisations. 

Where members/staff are of the opinion that the code has been broken they should report this.  If an individual considers that s/he has been affected by the non-adherence of a member or member of staff they should report as follows:

  • staff report to their line manger
  • members report to the Chair of the Association

The Council of the Association may take action where they believe the code has been broken. Any action(s)/sanctions agreed will be within the Rules of the Association.

Should issues not be dealt with to the satisfaction of a member then they should refer to the ASE Complaints Procedure; staff should use the ‘Discipline and Grievance’ policy set out within the employee’s handbook. 

This code of conduct has been produced by the professional audit committee. 14 August 2015.