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Hal Sosabowski

Essential Public Liability Insurance for members 

Included as part of your ASE membership and will protect you in your professional capacity. This covers you for any field/lab accidents and also any personal possessions including clothing damaged by practical work. 

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NEW! 25% off Bright Red Publishing Science Titles

Scotland’s leading independent educational publisher and home of top study guides for Scottish Qualifications Authority exams. Titles cover N4, N5, Higher and Advanced Higher across Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Human Biology.

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10% off National Space Academy CPD for ASE members

CPD delivered by a network of teachers and project scientists that use the context of space to teach physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geography and applied science.

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40% off BBC Focus Magazine 

subscribe by Direct Debit and save 40%, paying just £15.30 for 6 issues

BBC Sky at Night Magazine subscribe by Direct Debit and save 30%, paying just £41.92 every 12 issues

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40% off New Scientist

New Scientist is a weekly science and technology news magazine. ASE members receive a 40% discount on subscriptions to New Scientist Magazine. 

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50% Off Nature Magazine

Nature is an international journal, published weekly, with original, groundbreaking articles. ASE members receive a 50% discounts on subscription to Nature journal.  

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30% Off Collins KS3

ASE members receive a 30% discount on Collins new KS3 and Snapscience series developed for the new curriculum. This include teaching frameworks and pupil books. 

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