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Secondary 11-19 Membership

I have gained more from the ASE, its CPD and publications than all the other CPD put together!

The ASE offers several memberships for Secondary and FE educators teaching students from ages 11-19 including:

  • 11-19 Teacher  (£106)

  • 11-19 Trainee Teacher - 1 year (£45) or 3 years (£135)*

  • 11-19 Technician (£45)

  • 11-19 Futures - For consultants and advisors (£149)

How to join?

To pay by debit or credit card:

If you wish to spread your payment across the year simply download our membership form, choose the appropriate option and send the completed form in the post (please note that we need your signature to implement Direct Debit payments):  

*All trainee plans include one free day at Annual Conference. If you join for 3 years you will save over 35% on your 11-19 membership in successive years Find out more