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Corporate & Charitable

The continued support of our corporate members enables us to fulfill our core charitable objective – an excellent and inspiring science education for all young people. Our corporate members are given a real opportunity to engage with our professional network on both local and national levels, reaching a dedicated science education audience and schools directly.

Corporate members receive all ASE publications including School Science Review, Primary Science, Education in Science and Science Teacher Education. All employees are entitled to our member benefits including discounts on event registration and online access to a wide range of content including thought leadership from expert educators.

Our corporate members are highly visible and directly contactable. Find out more about our current partners.

We invite organisations to consider ASE membership as part their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

  • Corporate member - £420 per annum
  • Charitable Corporate member - £272 per annum

Other exclusive benefits include:

  • Preferential treatment in regard to advertising opportunities, sponsorship and selection of exhibition space at our Annual Conference.
  • Use our ‘corporate member badge’ to display your support for science education in digital and print.
  • An invitation to an annual briefing and networking event with our Chief Executive.

How to join?

Corporate and charitable organisations can download the membership form to request to pay by invoice, credit/debit card or cheque.

Download the ASE Corporate and charitable membership form

If you are based outside of the UK then an airmail postage charge will apply.

If you have any question please contact ASE Membership Team +44(0)1707 283000 or