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#ASEchat is a weekly online science education discussion group conducted via twitter that takes place on Monday evenings from 8.00-9.00pm (UK time). Everyone is welcome. 

How to get involved

  1. Login or create a twitter account and follow us @theASE
  2. Set up a search for #ASEchat of your phone's app or download TweetDeck. This way you will be able to see the whole discussion as it unfolds.
  3. Vote for the topic of #ASEchat in the latest poll on this page
  4. Login and tweet using the #ASEchat hashtag from 8pm on Mondays

Use the #ASEchat hashtag to share your posts with our science education network.

More about #ASEchat

Information for moderators

#ASEchat Schedule and Special Subject Chats

On the first Monday of each month, #ASEchat focuses on a specific subject area. We want to know what you find easy or difficult to teach in this subject area, any teaching ideas, tips for practical activities or links to good resources. There is no poll during these weeks. The subject area is advertised in advance so that you have time to think about what ideas you would like to contribute.

#ASEchat Schedule Spring/Summer 2017


Moderator Theme


(Guest) Lynne Bianchi @LynneBianchi  Special - The @GreatSCiShare project 

01/05/2017 (Bank holiday)

- -


Neil Atkin @natkin (tbc) Poll


Richard Needham @viciascience Poll


(Guest) Liz Coppard @OboeLizzy Poll

29/05/2017 (Half term)

Helen Rogerson @hrogerson Poll


Linda Needham @Needham_L56 Special


Alastair Gittner @agittner Poll


Alex Weatherall @A_Weatherall Poll


Emily Perry from SHU @emilyjaneperry STEM Careers and Future Lives


Guests Various

Special #ASESlowChat

1-9 GCSEs

A week long chat sharing ideas from curriculum content, practical science and assessment. More information to follow.


Neil Atkin @natkin Poll

17/07/2017 (End of term)

Rhys Baker @TFScientist Poll

#ASEChat Resources

You can access all ASEchat's summary archives or find the transcripts listing all the tweets during a particular discussion. 

(Guest) Lynne Bianchi @LynneBianchi  Special - The @GreatSCiShare project