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#ASEchat Resources

#ASEchat is a weekly online science education discussion group on twitter that takes place on Monday evenings from 8-9pm (UK time). Resources from #ASEchat are made available to members. These resources include ideas and links shared thoughout the discussion about that week's topic.

You can rewatch #ASEchats and see upcoming chats on our  nurph channel.

Recent chats

#ASEchat 232 The 5 types of science enquiry

What are the types of enquiry as listed in the National Curriculum? How to we put enquiry at the heart of science learning?

#ASEchat 222 What games work well to teach science?

Puzzles, tricks, role play and even hopscotch! There are lots of ways to use games to engage in science.

#ASEchat 216 Research in schools

A look at opportunities for schools to get involved in research.

#ASEchat 214 Special Educational Need and Disabilities (SEND)

Ideas compiled by @cleverfiend from the #ASEchat community to support SEND students from comic books to activities to encourage speaking in class.

#ASEchat 208 Is it important for schools to work with real scientists?

A list of opporunities including science communication contact, funding available and university outreach available to schools. 

#ASEchat 190 What motivates students' to revise? 

How will linear assessment affect revision? This chat was hosted by the founder of Educake and revision guide expert @CharleyDarbi. 

#ASEchat 171 Putting the science back into science teaching 

with Rob Butler @Cleverfiend

#ASEchat 161 What could technology integration look like in your science lessons?

#ASEchat 160 How do you teach plant biology

with guest host, Science and Plants for Schools

Useful Resources

#ASEchat 157 What impact does research have on your teaching?
#ASEchat 156 Practical enquiry and subject reform
#ASEchat 155 How do you teach Citizen Science?
#ASEchat 149 Published schemes of work
#ASEchat 144 Demonstration day
#ASEchat 142 Science Courses for 14-16
#ASEchat 137 Developing numeracy
#ASEchat 136 Practical science assessement

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