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#ASEchat 109 Cutting edge science 15 July 2013

What aspects of cutting edge science inspire and engage our students?

With @NeedhamL56 15 July 2013

The chat kicked off with a discussion about the use of Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of space @DoctorACook provided the link  This began to illustrate the overlap between ‘cutting edge’ and topical. Some aspects of science are topical because they are cutting edge but not always. Science teachers have been blown away by the jump from space and have used it with Y12 and Y10

A challenge described was remembering to use a reference to cutting edge science with an appropriate link to the curriculum. It does seem that immediate application is important for inclusion.

Suggestions for collation were

Pearl Trees @viciascience

Evernote   @stevethedoc1

Making play lists in your You tube account examples  periodicvideos, sixtysymbols, minutephysics, veritasium, headsqueeze  by @A_Weatherall 

Perhaps we forget to include what was topical at a later date because it is no longer topical, but it may still be cutting edge. Indeed @mrcjhewitt described using historical contexts to illustrate cutting edge at that time. 

Ideas for using cutting edge science

  1. Ageing in broccoli
  2. Make a lithium battery to power electric toys made in D &T
  3. Fill your Gore-Tex jacket up with water
  4. Making plastics from vegetable matter
  5. Links to Smart materials using nanoparticles for deodorizing socks
  6. Making and using synthetic diamonds (Inside science BBC Radio 4) to using heat sinks from dead PCs to show speed of ice melting blog here 
  7. Using samples of Saracens 4G playing surface for rugby
  8. Jez Everest and his glacier melt survey
  9. Using Mars rover pictures to identify rock cycle stages
  10. Analysing modern sports videos for biomechanics advances eg Hammerthrow
  11. Guess what this image is
  12. Human powered helicopter
  13. Sports performance eg Chris Hoys bike
  14. Transplant surgery, immunology, drug delivery, stem replacement therapy

Ideas of where to find cutting edge science

Thanks all! Too little space to mention you by name, but you know who you are